Just a space for a girl finding her way...
Down the rabbit hole I go.

The first step is always said to be the easiest, but it isn’t unless you know what direction you want to go. I’ve been stuck at a cross roads for a while and I’m still unsure which path I want to follow.

I feel like Alice slowly falling down the rabbit hole, not knowing how long I’m going to be falling or where I’ll end up… At the moment I’m content in my falling as there is lots to do on the way.

So, I figured out what I’m going to do with my time while I try and find what on Earth I’m supposed to do in this world and that is… Discoveries. I am going to discover something about myself as much as I can to determine what I love to do.

And maybe like Alice I’ll come out of it a little more wiser and sure of myself than ever before.